Are Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners Any Good?

You can find Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners on the shelves of virtually every store that carries vacuums, but it all started with the Dirt Devil Hand Vac. The small but powerful hand-sized vacuum cleaner hit the market like a dust-scattering burst of refreshing air and remains the company’s more reputable product to this day. When you want something light, compact and ultra convenient to sweep out a vehicle or clean rugs out on the front deck you think of the Hand Vac.


Dirt Devil showed their ability to listen to the needs and desires of consumers and give them something of excellent quality and ingenious design when they first came out with the Hand Vac and today they have earned a respectable reputation in the market. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of Dirt Devil today.

The Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner designs hitting the market right now are just as innovative and refreshing as the Hand Vac was in it’s time. Modern vacuums from the brand include advanced filtration systems that cleanse the air as well as the floor. Air is pulled into the filter and as much as 99% of allergens are removed before it is released back into the environment.

There are also some Dirt Devil vacuum models that include cyclonic technology which makes them less likely to get clogged. This is a very convenient technology that is also appearing on some models from competing brands as well.

There are also a number of convenience features which are typically found on Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners today. You can adjust them for height and they are designed with plastic cups to collect dirt rather than annoying bags. Taking convenience to new heights, some dirt collection cups empty from the bottom so you never have to worry about the filth flying up in your face when you dump it.

Let’s take a look at the different types of Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners that are readily found on the market today. Also you could checkout some of the other best cordless vacuum cleaners on the market at

Upright Dirt Devil Vacuums

Upright vacuums offered from Dirt Devil today go from ultra lightweight models selling for less than $50 up to full sized models packed with technology selling for as much as $100. These vacuums include convenience features such as on-board tools, swivel motion heads, and advanced cyclonic technology. Many are bagless designs with bottom-emptying collection cups. You can find out more about Pet Vacuums from Pet Vacuum Guy.

Most upright vacuums from Dirt Devil will come with some type of advanced filtration system to ensure dust, toxins and allergens aren’t thrown back into the air while you sweep.

Upright Dirt Devil

Handheld Dirt Devil Vacuums

Generally running between $20 and $50 a piece, Hand Vacs from Dirt Devil have definitely grown since they were originally introduced to the market many years ago. You can now find a variety of models with different features and body designs that make them super convenient and exceptionally stylish. Every Hand Vac from the brand is bright red so you always know when you are holding an authentic Dirt Devil Hand Vac.

Stick Dirt Devil Vacuums

These vacuums may be small but they are still packed with features. You can find very basic models or more advanced models with pulsing technology and cordless designs. Some will even vacuum and sweep at once. You can find quality vacuum reviews at:

Canister Dirt Devil Vacuums

Canister vacuums are super convenient if you have a lot of stairways or twisting corners in your home. They are designed with a lot of the same technology found on upright vacuums from Dirt Devil.

There is definitely a lot to select from when it comes to Dirt Devil vacuums in our modern day!

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