How to keep your juicer machine clean

All appliances and machines that are found at home or any other place require constant cleaning and maintenance for them to function well and in the best state; and this will ensure they last longer. To buy a good juicer will not cost you little.  You therefore ought to ensure it will be working properly and will always be clean. Like every other equipment, a juicer comes with an instruction manual that contains all the details which include upkeep and how to use guide. Therefore, you must read it carefully to understand every bit of its usage and the cleaning procedure it requires as well. The machines are available in various brands and some are delicate compared to others meaning extra precautions ought to be taken.

To ensure the devise is functioning fully, you must make sure you clean it after use. Leaving it unclean will damage its parts since the sticky mess and other things will be left on the plastic covers etc. The fluids can destroy the machine and you should wash it after preparing your juice. Steps you must follow while cleaning include.

  1. Remove the pulp- Every juicer in the market has a container built inside to hold the fruit pulp. This holder should be removed carefully and washed. After that, wash the inside sections since most of the fluids will spill inside as you crash the juice to extract it from the fruits.
  2. Removable components- After cleaning the pulp holder, dismantle all parts that can be taken apart. Put them in warm water and rinse them one at a time. Make sure you focus on any juice fluids that are stuck on the surface. A dishwashing machine can do a great job if you don’t have a better way. However, you must double check whether it has done it perfectly since there are some sections that the machine will not get too the way your hands will. Before you start reassembling it, ensure everything is spotless.
  3. Electric sections- When you get to this part, you must be careful not to touch it with water. Instead, use a dry cloth or towel on the motor and other areas. As you empty your juice onto a glass, some might spill on these areas hence wipe properly. Don’t submerge it in water or use running water since you might damage it.
  4. The blades- The next parts you must clean carefully are the juicer blades. The blades are responsible for cutting and grinding the fruits, and they will thus attract lots of pulp. Therefore, you must remove and wash them thoroughly. A brush will come in handy since it will reach part of the blade that an ordinary washing cloth cannot. In addition, be extra careful not to cut your fingers in the process. When drying, separate the blades from other parts as well.

After all the parts are dry, you can begin reassembling them to get your juicer back to its original state ready for use.

On of the easiest juicers to clean is the magic bullet nutribullet pro 900 series, it comes apart easy enough and cleans like a dream in the dishwasher.

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