Man Boobs Are No Joke! Believe Me!

Man boobs are for the most part regarded as a shallow or superficial condition that does not have any bearing on a man’s well. Being. Without a doubt, augmented male boobs scarcely qualify as an existence undermining illness, yet regardless it has various physical and additionally mental impacts that have to be tended to.

man-breastsThere are many guides and sources out there regarding man boob treatment and getting rid of them easily but if you want a credible source you should follow as John is a stand up guy and the facts below is based on his views.

An attempt is made, through this article, to make you aware of all the techniques available to remove man boobs. Man boobs removal can be covered under two broad categories. These are not – invasive treatments and invasive treatments.

Non – Invasive Treatments

Non – invasive treatments are those that do not require any surgery. As such, these are more popular and best to try before resorting to any surgical procedure.

  • Proper Exercising – there are specific chest and arm exercises to develop the corresponding muscles, and to facilitate the same workouts can be tailor made. If you are not aware of how to proceed then, best would be to consult a physical trainer. Exercising will help the body get rid of excess fats and also develop the chest muscles which results in a considerable decrease in the size of man boobs.
  • Healthy Eating – exercising is of no use if not followed by a healthy eating plan. Since breasts are made up of lipids, it will be most helpful to cut back on the consumption of fats. Go on a high protein diet, it will help you build mass and tone your body.
  • Gynecomastia Creams–Creams are easy to get and relatively cheap. So, a lot of men turn to them for help. Creams are easy to apply and carry along as well. The application of cream will not give instantaneous results. Also, the results will vary person to person depending on how much cream is absorbed by the skin.
  • Breast Reduction Pills – Breast reduction pills are made of components that either reduce estrogen or increase testosterone in the body. Sometimes the pill are made to do both. These pills are fast gaining popularity because the effective ones are made of natural products. Just remember to do proper research while deciding which pill to take.
  • Prescription Medicines – if you have more faith in what the doctor tells then, you can go for a prescribed medicine. Again always take a second opinion just to be careful.

Invasive Treatments

Invasive treatments are those that require going under the knife. They involve surgery and hence has all the risks that are associated with any normal surgery. The main advantage is that results are immediate.

  • Liposuction – a small incision is made under the areola, and the fat is sucked out. This procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and has a recuperating time of a week to two.
  • Surgical Excision – this process involves the removal of the tissue causing Gynecomastia, from the breasts. Again, it is performed under general anaesthesia but, has a recuperative time of two to three weeks. In this procedure, an incision is made in the breast either below the areola or under the armpit and then the tissue causing the occurrence of man boobs is removed.