This Diabetes Helper Has Proven To Work For Helping People Losing Pounds and Stay Fit

Metformin can be effective for weight loss, but it is originally used to treat people who are suffering from diabetes. This medication is prescribed for people who are diabetic, and it helps them to lose weight as well. Still, if you just take Metformin in your routine for controlling diabetes, it may not result in weight loss. It only helps you to lose weight when properly taken in a prescribed way. You should never go on Metformin for weight loss by yourself without talking to a doctor, as it contains a drug component. Therefore, you had better consult your doctor first and get a proper prescription for taking Metformin as a method of losing weight.


As it has been stated already, never go for Metformin by yourself. Always obtain a prescription from your doctor, and you need to follow that. Even if you know someone with diabetes who has achieved weight loss by taking this drug, you should never start it on your own. If you take this drug without seeing and discussing with your doctor, it may cause harm to your health.

As we are all different and everyone has his uniqueness and it varies from person to person, that which drug suits you and which doesn’t. If you are suffering from diabetes, then metformina dosis weight loss is fairly easy for you. You may already have been taking this drug to treat your diabetes, so it won’t be that difficult for you to make just small changes to your daily routine to get the effect of weight loss with the assistance of this drug. It has double capabilities; controlling diabetes and reducing weight sometimes. Just a small change in your diet can provide you with positive results within a few weeks.

People, who eat only low amount of carbohydrates, get satisfying results from Metformin in comparison with people who eat a high amount of carbohydrates. However people who are suffering from diabetes or who are pre-diabetic, consuming too many carbohydrates does not fit in the concept of Metformin weight loss. Exercise is crucial for an effective outcome. Still, you are not required to do hard exercises. Light to moderate level of exercises for half an hour will be enough to lose your weight. It has been proved if you use Metformin combined with exercise regimen; the weight loss is more effective.

Metformin functions to reduce the level of glucose and increases the sensitivity of insulin. While it is happening, you feel less hungry and fewer chances of overeating. The medication can provide you with the results you are after if you take it as prescribed f by your of doctor.

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