What Are Gynecomastia Surgery Costs?

Gynecomastia is a common condition in boys and men, it affects about one-third of the world’s male population. The condition is caused by an imbalance between the two sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen and results in additional breast tissue. The condition is not a serious health concern however it can cause embarrassment and have huge impacts on self-confidence.

Gynecomastia symptomsMales who suffer from this condition have 3 real options, topical and oral medications or gynecomastia surgery. Our focus is on the latter, which is said to be the only way to permanently reduce enlarged breasts.

So, what is involved and what are gynecomastia surgery costs?

Gynecomastia surgery can take many forms and have varying costs. Often, it is performed in the form of liposuction, in which efforts are made to remove breast fat but not the breast gland tissue itself. Mastectomy, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure in which surgeons remove tissue beneath the breast. This procedure has been done using endoscopy which is less invasive, with only small incisions being made this speeds up recovery.

Other approaches include liposuction-assisted mastectomy, laser-assisted liposuction, subcutaneous mastectomy and a laser lipolysis without liposuction approach. Whether you were to go with liposuction, mastectomy or one of the above, this kind of surgery is bound to cost between $6000 and $7500, depending on the chosen medical facility and surgeon. The main issue with gynecomastia surgery is not the procedure itself, but rather its affordability to the patient.

Breast reduction for men is considered an elective surgery as with breast augmentation for women. This means that health insurance will not cover the costs involved. In general, the gynecomastia surgery itself will cost between $5000 and $10 000 depending on where the surgery is performed and by whom. The post-operative costs also need to be considered as you will require pain and antibacterial medication in order to have a speedy recovery and prevent infection. Here is a breakdown of the fees involved:

· Surgeon’s Fee – $4000-$4500

· Anesthesia Fee – $1500-$2000

· Laboratory Testing Fee – $500-$1000

· Post-Surgery Compression Vest – $100-$500

Gynecomastia surgery procedureAdd that all up and you’re looking at between $6100 and $8000, excluding the post-op medication. When considering the costs involved, it should be noted that mastectomy may result in other complications including breast asymmetry, contour deformities, necrosis of the nipple, scarring, hematoma and possibly the infection of the surgical wound. These potential adverse effects will also have severe psychological and financial costs.

The reason that gynecomastia surgery costs so much is due to the equipment and staff involved in the procedure. If you were to decide to go ahead with this surgery, be sure to compare the prices of various hospitals and clinics as there are some private surgical practices where procedures such as this can be performed, sometimes at less of a cost.

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