What to do to lose man boobs for good

Get rid of man boobsHave you been wondering what to do to lose man boobs? Well, here are the ways that can help you lose them. This is a condition mostly referred as gynecomastia whereby a male gets boobs like that of females. It is considered to be very humiliating and hence the need to get rid of it. Here are some of the things you should do and surely you will get rid of these boobs.

Lose the excess fat

Cleaning up and going to gym can help greatly in lowering body fat thereby decreasing chances of getting boobs. A healthy body for men should have less than 22% fat. You can easily achieve this by balancing between cardio and weight training that should include around 3 to 5 high intensity interval training sessions per week. This boosts the body metabolism and hence accelerates the process of fat burning. Dietary changes can also make a big impact. You need to eat more oestrogen reducing foods like vitamin B6 and fiber since they are rich foods. Avoid eating refined sugars and processed foods.

Build your muscles to get stronger

Doing endless chest flies and bench pressing can help greatly in reshaping the muscle underneath and this will improve the appearance of the chest. Your body will be able to efficiently burn fat if you have more muscle mass. The final result is that you will have a masculine chest. You can maximize your muscle gains by not only focusing on your chest area but also concentrating on the big muscle exercises like deadlifts, pull-ups, rows, squats and bench presses so as to activate large muscle groups and get good results.

Fix your body posture

Avoid back seat postures if you want to manage your boobs well. Working on your back as well as core muscles help to create a good posture that will assist you to stand up straight. This is just a small change but can affect greatly how your chest looks.

Exercise frequently

One of the great ways to keep man boobs away is by keeping the testosterone levels high. A study showed that overweight men with low testosterones levels can get rid of their man boobs by doing 150 minutes of workouts every week as well as modifying their diet. This form of workout floods the body with moob-inhibiting testosterone whereas the pyramid sets speed up the heart rate thereby giving a little cardio boost. Here are some of the suggested bodyweight exercises that will help you get rid of the boobs.

For a 35 minute session of exercising, you will burn around 400 calories. You just need a step deck and get started. Warm up for 5 to 10 minutes of jogging with occasional sprints and bounds that will help you loosen the joints and muscles. Then do the following exercises but avoid taking rests when doing them. They include shadowboxing, single-leg power up, bicycle crunch, press-ups, burpee and lastly standing calf raise.

You also need to ensure that you are eating healthier. This is because man boobs may result due to eating junk food for long time that contains more calories. Instead, eat chicken, fish, meat, veggies and fruits.

In conclusion, above are some of the ways that can help you lose man boobs. Try them and they will work out fine for you.